Community Engagement

For Seniors

  • Identify a community issue that you care about the most and volunteer with organizations addressing these issues.
  • Identify a community group to support that focuses on an issue you care about, whether it is youth, the environment, or another cause.
  • Volunteer at a library or museum or nonprofits that work on issues important to you.
  • Offer to share your expertise or experience with a group of people that are working at a nonprofit or advocacy organization in an issue space you are passionate about. Your knowledge of an issue’s history is incredibly valuable!

For Caretakers

  • If you are involved in an organization, reach out to nursing homes or organizations in your area and see if anyone would like to get involved or offer any information / guidance for your cause.
  • Help your loved ones identify the issues that they care about most and encourage them to find solutions, whether it is volunteering, organizing, etc.
  • Volunteer alongside your loved one to help encourage them to take action.
  • If you learn of opportunities for action or volunteerism, send them to your  loved one and encourage them to take part.